ISLAMABAD    –  The Islamabad Excessive Court docket (IHC) was Friday knowledgeable that two brown bears of Islamabad’s Marghzar Zoo could be shifted to a sanctuary overseas after the lone elephant Kaavan’s departure to Cambodia. 

A single bench of IHC comprising Chief Justice of IHC Justice Athar Minallah carried out listening to in a case associated to implementation of the court docket’s verdict on shifting of all animals on the Marghazar zoo to acceptable sanctuaries. 

In the course of the listening to, animal knowledgeable Egyptian veterinarian Dr Amir Khalil and German knowledgeable Frank Gortz, who got here in Pakistan to switch Kaavan, appeared earlier than the court docket. They knowledgeable the court docket that the pair of bears could be shifted to Jordan on December 6, after the lone elephant Kaavan’s departure to a Cambodian sanctuary on November 29. 

Additionally they defined intimately the preparations made concerning the relocation of Kaavan to the elephant sanctuary in Cambodia. They briefed the court docket in regards to the journey preparations regarding the 2 Himalayan brown bears. 

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Justice Athar famous in his order that Kaavan is not only a dwelling being gifted with “life”, he now additionally represents the jurisprudence laid down by this Court docket within the judgments dated 21.05.2020 and 18.07.2020, handed within the case titled “Islamabad Wildlife Administration Board by means of its Chairman v. Metropolitan Company Islamabad by means of its Mayor and others. 

He added, “The jurisprudence has been endorsed and acted upon by the Authorities of Pakistan. This Court docket has been knowledgeable that the President of Pakistan, DrArif Alvi, had visited Kaavan to bid him farewell as a result of he’s scheduled to journey to Cambodia on November 29, 2020.” 

The court docket acknowledged that the worthy President is reported to have stated that the jurisprudence of this Court docket was in step with the Islamic traditions of caring for animals and preserving them in an setting finest suited to them. It additional stated, “He had rightly appreciated the jurisprudence of this Court docket by acknowledging that separating younger animals from their moms was a serious reason behind emotional misery. 

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The IHC bench noticed that “Kaavan” and the 2 brown bears had been positively uncovered to unimaginable ache and struggling as a result of they weren’t created to be caged on the Islamabad Marghazar Zoo or, for that matter, subjected to every other type of confinement. They need to by no means have been disadvantaged of their pure habitats. 

“Captivity, even in the most adequately equipped zoo and regardless of the quality of care, is certainly not a substitute for living beings to live in their respective natural habitats. Keeping them caged is unnatural, against the scheme of nature and violates their natural rights because only a natural habitat can provide for the behavioural, social and physiological needs of a particular animal species,” maintained the bench. 

Justice Athar acknowledged that Kaavan may have been taken care of in Pakistan however this isn’t his pure habitat. Kaavan belongs to his pure habitat, the house created for his species by nature. His relocation is symbolic. It’s a message for the human race that it isn’t humane to deprive animal species of their respective pure habitats. 

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“It is a declaration that protecting animal species in their respective natural habitats amounts to preventing the extinction of the human species on this planet. Kaavan has become a torch bearer for the jurisprudence of this Court and an example of the will and resolve of the people of Pakistan, represented by their Government, that it is not natural to deprive animal species from enjoying life in their natural habitats. Kaavan has become a symbol for the display of empathy and the need for humans to acknowledge that sentient animal species have natural rights and that they cannot be subjected to unnecessary pain and suffering. Kaavan has indeed become a beacon for the recognition of animal rights throughout the globe. In a nut shell, Kaavan is a symbol of hope for other animal species who are in distress and subjected to pain and suffering because of the misconceived display of power by the human species,” stated the court docket order. 

Lauding the efforts of the activists, the court docket noticed that Kaavan and different animals on the Marghazar Zoo would have continued to endure unimaginable ache and struggling had it not been for the fervour of hundreds of caring human beings from throughout the globe, together with celebrities similar to Cher. This Court docket information its profound appreciation for the care and love displayed by Dr Amir Khalil, the amicus curiae, who’s reported to have compensated Kaavan for a part of his ache and struggling. 

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Justice Athar additionally appreciated their efforts saying that the folks of Pakistan and this Court docket appreciates the help of “Four Paws,” the organisation that Dr Amir Khalil represents, in enabling Kaavan to change into a logo of jurisprudence for others to comply with. Dr Anis-ur-Rehman, his staff, the President of Pakistan and Particular Assistant to the Prime Minister on Local weather Change and different public holders of his Ministry have established that the Authorities of Pakistan has the desire to discharge its fiduciary responsibility to guard nature and to respect the rights of animal species, notably the fitting to reside of their respective pure habitats. 

He additional stated that this court docket whishes Kaavan bon voyage and expects that others will safeguard the human race from hurt by looking for steering from his instance. It seems that the retirement of Kaavan could be a cheerful ending to the agony and loneliness suffered for thirty 5 years. The precious help prolonged by the younger counsels all through these proceedings can’t go unnoticed. 

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He continued that this court docket expects {that a} report concerning the relocation of Kaavan and the 2 Himalayan brown bears could be submitted on the following date fastened on December 21. 

On this event, Dr Khalil invited the Chief Justice to attend a ceremony to be held on November 29 to bid adieu to the pachyderm. Nonetheless, Justice Athar declined the invitation saying {that a} choose’s responsibility is at hand down a judgment which the court docket had already executed within the case at hand.