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Actor Nazish Jahangir claiming the ratio of khula has elevated after the Aurat March is tousled – Remark

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Mannequin turned actor Nazish Jahangir not too long ago opened up about her views on feminist actions within the nation and it’s a doozy. In a current interview, she mentioned she doesn’t consider the Aurat March has any constructive impression on society and that such actions are the “reason” behind the surge in divorce charges.
On Nadir Ali’s podcast, Jahangir mentioned, “I am not an orthodox feminist, l believe in equality, and I still confidently say that not all crying women are truthful. I am always standing with the right person whether it is a woman or a man.”
She defined how she nonetheless lives with the haunting reminiscence of the professor who dedicated suicide after being accused of harassment. Including that Noor Muqaddam’s harmless face evokes sheer horror inside her, she mentioned she needs the wrongdoer to be rightfully punished.
Nonetheless, she doesn’t suppose Aurat March is an answer to any of those issues. “I don’t believe in these Aurat Marches. It’s not benefiting the women for whom we are fighting. They are not reaching the women they’re standing up for. Such poor women would be sitting in villages and making food while they chant slogans on the streets here. I think these fake feminist movements will never get you justice,” she mentioned.
“I wonder who they are protesting for then. Are they protesting for us? Because our league knows everything about it. We know our rights and we know the value of equality. The ratio of khula has also increased after these marches,” Jahangir claimed. “I’m not asking women to bear cruelties or abuse. They can leave their houses if they like but at least give it a shot. Our parents are the biggest example of sacrificing and surviving relationships with patience and love,” she mentioned.
Jahangir concluded by saying, “Now people are getting divorced within a month after marriage. That’s horrifying.”
There’s a lot to unpack from her interview and we’ll begin along with her sweeping statements and generalisations about feminism and feminist actions. We’re glad she believes in equality however all the things she mentioned after that’s troubling. Her generalisations overlook the varied goals and achievements of feminist actions the world over, decreasing them to a single perspective. It’s essential to respect all types of feminism, together with marches.
Jahangir’s argument, that the Aurat March hasn’t performed something, can also be reductive. The Aurat March is a secure area for girls to speak about their points and are available collectively to march for girls’s rights. It doesn’t must do something. The ladies there march for themselves and girls who can’t be there. What end result does she anticipate from a march?
We additionally discover her final assertion about divorces and everybody’s favorite phrase on the subject of marriage — sacrifice — moderately weird. Is there a set time interval for which ladies ought to keep in unhealthy marriages and endure earlier than they will break up? Ought to all of us endure via unhealthy marriages simply because our moms did? It is essential to work in your marriages however generally, it’s simply not working and it’s okay to break up. Whether or not than occurs in a single month or one 12 months or one decade is okay.
Her deduction that feminism and equality marches are the only real cause for the rise in divorce charges with out offering concrete proof or contemplating the advanced elements concerned additionally borders on ridiculous.
Like all of us, Jahangir is allowed to have her personal opinions however it’s moderately unusual that she’s blaming divorce on feminism. You don’t must assist the Aurat March or feminism if you happen to don’t wish to, however bashing anybody or any motion with out proof is uncalled for.

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