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Are girls nonetheless going to be blamed for males exposing themselves to and assaulting them on the road? – Remark

by Pakistan Latest News Update

A really disturbing incident has been captured on digicam and sparked outrage on social media and we’re fed up. CCTV footage captured a person taking off his pants and chasing after a lady in what’s believed to be Karachi’s Gulistan-e-Jauhar and now we’ve got to ask — will girls be blamed for this too?
The incident unfolded in broad daylight as the person uncovered himself by taking off his shorts and assaulted a lady passerby on the street. Thankfully, the lady managed to flee the harrowing state of affairs. What’s not lucky is that she needed to expertise this assault in any respect.
{That a} girl is so unsafe on the streets in broad daylight is unbelievable. It doesn’t matter the place this incident occurred — it’s disgusting. Males exposing themselves to girls is nothing new — ask any girl and so they’ll have disgusting tales to inform — however for him to assault her is a brand new low when the bar is already six ft below.
The video has been extensively shared on social media in an effort to determine the perpetrator, sparking a wave of anger and outrage amongst netizens.

Persons are calling for strict punishment for the assaulter.

Individuals additionally expressed their frustration with societal double requirements and highlighted the pressing want to handle males’s behaviour as a basic difficulty in guaranteeing girls’s security. Some criticised the tendency in charge girls for acts of violence in opposition to them, stating that abuse happens even when girls are ‘fully covered’ or inside the confines of their very own houses.

It’s essential for individuals to understand that the sufferer can’t be blamed — it’s not about what you put on, the place you’re or what time it’s — sexual harassment and rape tradition has the whole lot to do with the perpetrators, not the victims.

It’s disheartening that our society usually fixates on discussing the sufferer’s apparel. If a lady is groped or assaulted, the very first thing individuals do is blame their garments. Blaming the garments or assuming that abayas alone can guarantee girls’s safety disregards the deeper downside at hand — addressing societal attitudes and behaviours.
The girl was, as highlighted by some customers, sporting an abaya and niqab and but she confronted such a terrifying assault, proving that it has nothing to do with what a lady wears. The accountability lies solely with the boys assaulting girls and their inappropriate behaviour.
One of many customers rightly stated, “Girls’s garments are NEVER the issue, males and their sexual frustrations are.
Some customers shared useful ideas and options for girls to guard themselves in such conditions.

It’s essential to maneuver away from blaming victims and their garments and as an alternative deal with the primary difficulty — how these males should be held accountable for this disgusting behaviour. That some males now really feel emboldened sufficient to strip off their pants in broad daylight with none worry of penalties is terrifying. There must be penalties for such brash and gross actions, but fairly often, there are none.
How lengthy will we blame the garments, the road or the lady for the assault and when will we lastly blame the person who assaulted her?

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