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Ayesha Omar, Fia Khan rally behind Shaniera Akram after her criticism of Feroze Khan driving and not using a seat belt

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Actor Feroze Khan might have had a snarky response to Shaniera Akram’s criticism of his lack of regard for his little one’s security whereas driving, however her criticism has began a dialog on the significance of street security. The latest folks to agree with Akram’s perspective are actor Ayesha Omar and mannequin Fia Khan, who talked in regards to the street accidents they skilled and burdened on the significance of sporting a seat belt.
Omar took to Instagram tales on Saturday and thanked Akram for elevating her voice on the matter. She wrote, “Seven years ago, Today, I was in a terrible car accident and I broke four bones in my upper body, sitting in the backseat (not the front seat even). Had I been wearing a seat belt, I wouldn’t have suffered any injuries I was told.”

She stated that after her harrowing expertise, she doesn’t step foot in a automotive and not using a seat belt and at all times encourages others round her to put on it as nicely. “I cannot stress the importance of seat belts enough. For yourselves and your children and every human riding in a car, it SAVES LIVES,” Omar stated.
Fia additionally shared that she was in an accident in Lahore, 9 years in the past on Girls’s Day together with her daughter. She shared that her time in Berlin obtained her and the household accustomed to seat belts, which is why it saved her and her daughter’s life within the 2013 accident.
“Cut short, the car overturned several times and we landed upside down on the opposite side of the road. If we wouldn’t have been wearing the belts, trust me! We would have been out of the windscreen and maybe down the bridge,” wrote Fia. She additionally despatched love for Omar and Akram for talking up.

Fia and Omar’s responses come a day after Feroze responded to Akram with a video of Khabib Nurmagomedov wrestling a bear after which the video switches to a baby preventing bears. The narrator says Nurmagomedov grew up preventing bears. “World’s number one fighter, Shaniera Akram. He didn’t hear you or his father while being trained or he would’ve wasted major [talent],” he wrote. “I’m part of Pakistan’s professional racing fraternity for the past two years. I understand the sensitivity a lot more than you can. Let me do me, you do you. You’re heard and ignored. I’m back to business.”

He quickly obtained a response from Akram, who stated that she doesn’t perceive what this implies and requested him to chorus from sending “sick, cryptic animal cruelty videos.” In one other Instagram story, she wrote, “A professional racer would know that putting your child in the front seat of a car is the most unprofessional thing you could ever do!”
The 32-year-old actor responded, “I already requested to have Wasim bhai translate. You wouldn’t get it. Requires power of understanding.”
On Friday, Akram had shared a clip of Feroze driving together with his daughter on his lap and not using a seat belt. She had written, “I am so sick to my stomach on the stupidity of some people! Why don’t they get it through their thick heads! this is DANGEROUS and putting your own child’s life in jeopardy.”
Stating details, she wrote, “If your child survives, chances are they will have hit their head so hard they will have a brain injury for life. Why, WHY would anyone ever even risk that? Your child doesn’t know what’s right, but you do! Don’t be an idiot, children are not TOYS!”
Akram stated that she’s sick of this behaviour and finds it fairly absurd that folks don’t use fundamental widespread sense and urged Feroze put his seat belt on and preserve his child within the backseat, as a substitute of his lap.

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