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Being on trip in Dubai isn’t any excuse in your problematic opinions, Hira Mani – Remark

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A four-minute apology video stuffed with tears and excuses of ignorance does not absolve the actor of constructing damaging statements in regards to the Dua Zehra case.

After we consider social media, one of many first issues that involves our minds is how a lot of an impression it has on folks. The hate that always fills remark sections can depart folks scarred, the rigorously edited photos that depart others envious and significant of their very own perceived flaws and the individuals who prefer to spew nonsense and not using a considered who’s impacted by what they are saying. Enter celebrities like Hira Mani who use their platforms to share photos, movies and ridiculous statements after which consider they’ll want all of it away with an apology.
However in the actual world, an apology doesn’t wash away your wrongdoings. Saying sorry is nice, but it surely doesn’t imply you get away with doing or saying one thing unsuitable simply since you say it.
On Monday, the Ghalati actor took to Instagram and stirred controversy after she mentioned she doesn’t need Dua Zehra — a minor from Karachi who was reported initially reported kidnapped in April and later discovered to have ‘eloped’ in Punjab with somebody who is just not a minor — and her ‘husband’ Zaheer to half methods.
In now expired Instagram tales, Mani had justified her assertion by saying, “I’m not politically right but emotionally correct. That’s why I am Hira Mani.” Certainly, Hira Mani is nearly by no means “politically right”. The truth is, we regularly assume she doesn’t even know what it means to be “politically right” — if she did, she wouldn’t say half the issues she does.
Her opinion on a delicate challenge corresponding to this case attracted huge backlash on-line. Individuals criticised the actor’s opinions, her appearing abilities and her deeply problematic tackle a matter of kid marriage. All the criticism got here down to 1 factor and one factor solely — somebody must take Hira Mani’s social media away.
Whereas we consider the backlash was well-deserved, it additionally raised the query of whether or not some folks ought to have entry to such giant platforms, particularly after they use them so carelessly. As Mani admitted later, she didn’t really type her opinion after studying the information of the case — she was in Dubai on trip, the place she appears to need us to consider there isn’t a entry to information channels or web sites.
However ignorance is just not all the time bliss and making sweeping statements in your huge platform with out understanding that you’re romanticising baby marriage isn’t one thing that may be swept below the rug with a mere sorry and a few tears.
An apology lengthy coming
Two days after her preliminary assertion, Mani issued an apology through a four-minute lengthy video that noticed her speaking in regards to the causes behind her earlier assertion.
“Two days go I had shared a story in which I wrote in favour of Dua Zehra and Zaheer. At that time I didn’t know it’s a kidnapping case and that Dua Zehra is underage. I was in Dubai, on vacations so maybe I had enough time to watch some clips of YouTubers online, their interviews and formed a perception… Which was wrong,” she mentioned.
“There’s nothing wrong with saying sorry and apologising doesn’t make anyone less. I have a lot of fans that love and support me and a star is made by people and I don’t know how to upset people, and I can’t. So I’m sorry if I hurt you, in fact I was hurt too when I found out about the actual case,” she mentioned.

The actor mentioned that when her husband instructed her in regards to the case, she was “worried” as a result of she considered the ache Zehra’s dad and mom should’ve gone by way of. “I’m also a daughter and I know if my father was here, he would’ve been worried as well.”
Mani mentioned that lots of people requested her to not make a video and even discuss in regards to the matter however she did as a result of she’s so “natural” and desires to speak one on one with people who find themselves additionally near her. “The people who are close to me also read this and got upset with me. They said I shouldn’t have written it because I didn’t know.” She additionally mentioned that it doesn’t matter what rank an individual has, they have to apologise if they’ve made a mistake.
The Yeh Na Thi Humari Qismat actor apologised to the general public and Dua Zehra’s dad and mom in her video. “I now have realised the ache the dad and mom should’ve gone by way of. Earlier than I had solely seen few clips on YouTube and thought this should be proper. However this was a mistake on my half. My data lacked right here and I wrote that whereas feeling emotional, I’m an actor so there are quite a lot of feelings inside me.
“But emotions should be used correctly which I do and you guys have seen it, be it charity or to help someone and I’ve done a lot for people in Covid. I’m the emotional and sensitive type and made a mistake, after all I’m also a human first before being a celebrity or even a star, mother, a daughter and a sister.”
Mani clarified that she is just not in favour for baby marriage and positively not in favour of circumstances of abduction. “I’m also upset about how people are writing about me. After Aamir Liaquat, I had to make a video like this because I was wrong. I’ve been upset since the past two days and ever since I’m back to Karachi I haven’t seen or met anyone and my family and friends encouraged me to talk to the people directly and so I did.”
She concluded her video by praying for the household and for God to maintain all households and their daughters secure.
What’s the issue right here?
Everybody is aware of the worth of a great, significant, wholehearted apology. However this wasn’t an apology that labored. Regardless of repeating how sorry she was 5 instances in her teary video, it clearly seems that the actor nonetheless doesn’t perceive easy methods to apologise with out justifying what she did. She in contrast herself to late politician and host Aamir Liaquat and his apology movies as an alternative of acknowledging the case itself, so what she actually has learnt?
It’s public data that the Sindh Excessive Courtroom had decided by way of a bone ossification check that Dua Zehra is underage and the police are at the moment investigating whether or not she was kidnapped. On the very least, it’s a case of kid marriage. Does Mani actually assume that watching a few YouTube movies on the case — a case that has been talked about within the media for months because of the controversy of Dua’s age — is sufficient for her to share her tackle such a delicate subject? Nicely, sure, she does. And why shouldn’t she? Everybody else does too.
However the catch right here, one which Mani is seemingly ignoring, is that in contrast to the faceless trolls on-line, she has 6.9 million followers. The flexibility to succeed in 6.9 million folks is staggering, particularly when the account proprietor says she doesn’t truth test earlier than unleashing her problematic opinions on courtroom circumstances.
What’s even worse is that there have been folks on-line who supported her unique assertion that Dua should keep together with her alleged kidnapper since she is now his spouse.
Mani could have apologised to the general public, however that group of individuals supporting the poisonous mentality of letting a baby keep together with her abductor continues to be looking for validation and her opinion gave them the backing they wanted.
A trip, ignorance and being an emotional actor are usually not excuses. Hira Mani, your tearful apology doesn’t absolve you of being accountable for what you say. Hours after your preliminary submit, you additionally shared one other wherein you claimed you weren’t “politically right”. It clearly took you days to teach your self on the case and why your posts had been a nasty concept. Or was it the social media backlash that did it? You mentioned, in spite of everything, {that a} movie star is simply made by their followers.
We want you shared the precise information of the case with the general public in your apology video as an alternative. Inform folks what made you modify your thoughts, inform them what your husband needed to clarify to you, inform them what you lastly learn that made you realise that this isn’t a tragic love story.
We hope that the subsequent time Hira Mani decides to share her opinion on-line, she talks about it with another person and does a Google search first, however we aren’t holding our breath. In spite of everything, she’s not “politically right, but emotionally correct.” That’s why she’s Hira Mani.

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