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Blue World Metropolis declares to introduce Sports activities Valley that includes Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium

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ISLAMABAD – An orientation ceremony of Blue World Metropolis’s Sports activities Valley was held within the twin cities, wherein Chairman Blue World Metropolis – Mr. Saad Nazir, CEO Mr. Chaudhry Nadeem Ijaz accompanied with greater administration of Blue World Metropolis and a major variety of actual property sellers and buyers of Rawalpindi-Islamabad participated.

Within the orientation ceremony of Sports activities Valley, the contributors had been briefed in regards to the distinctive options, fashionable amenities and facilities that this block will provide. On this event, Blue World Metropolis additionally introduced to introduce the “Pakistan’s Largest Cricket Stadium” in Sports activities Valley together with high-rise industrial complexes.

Through the occasion, Aab-e-Zamzam and Ajwa dates had been served to the friends with respect to BWC administration’s arrival from Hajj-e-Akbar 2022.

Speaking to the media on this event, Chairman Blue World Metropolis – Mr. Saad Nazir stated, “we are introducing a world-class Sports Valley in the World’s first purpose-built tourist city, which will prove to be a revolution in Pakistani real estate market and will promote the domestic as well as international sports activities. The most prominent feature of Sports Valley is Pakistan’s largest cricket stadium with a sitting capacity of over fifty-five thousand spectators. Adding to which he said, the stadium will be surrounded by high-rise commercial and residential apartment buildings from where the residents will be able to watch the ongoing matches live from their terraces and rooftops. He further said, Blue World City is trying to develop the Pakistani real estate market in an innovative and modern fashion by introducing world-class features.”

Talking on the event, CEO Blue World Metropolis – Chaudhry Nadeem Ijaz stated, “The purpose of introducing Sports Valley is to promote sports tourism in the first purpose-built tourist city of the world. Easily accessible from Defense Road, Blue World City’s Sports Valley will feature Torch Hotel, Villaggio Mall, Sports Clubs and other sports facilities like cycling tracks, hockey, volleyball, badminton, basketball and tennis courts. Sports Valley will also be equipped with the replica of Blue Mosque Istanbul which will help to promote tourism in the region. He further added, by introducing unique and innovative projects in the country’s real estate market, we want to take it on the path of development in line with the global standards.”

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