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Comic Shehzad Ghias calls out ‘classist, bigoted’ take connecting flood affectees’ migration to crime inflow

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Standup comic Shehzad Ghias is standing up towards bigoted views on Pakistani Twitter. Some individuals, drenched closely in tone-deafness, have voiced their ‘concern’ with the crime charge going up when flood affectees, who’ve misplaced their properties, jobs and possessions, migrate to different cities corresponding to Karachi. He known as out the dearth of empathy and questioned what number of Karachiites are initially from this place themselves.
On Saturday, Ghias tweeted, “The idea that flood affectees will come to Karachi and commit crimes is one of the most racist, classist and bigoted takes I’ve ever seen on social media — and it is somehow being widely shared by people as the right thing to say. Heartless doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

Quote-sharing his tweet, he highlighted the extent of injury the flood-affected individuals have suffered, “People have lost everything. Entire towns and villages are under water. How does one look at that and think ‘now these people will come to Karachi and steal my phone’ — how is that your concern when you look at the devastation? Mind-numbing lack of empathy.”
He acquired a number of responses attempting to justify the take. One in every of them referred to flood affectees as the opposite, saying Karachi is already unable to handle its personal and questioning how “this lot” would fare right here. The comic shared the tweet, shocked on the othering of the flood affectees. He introduced the eye to individuals residing in Karachi, questioning what number of of them are literally initially from town themselves. “Is it only September 2022 where we decide that everyone who is already here is a Karachiite and now everyone else is an outsider or do we check everyone’s origins?”

After going via the replies, he noticed that a number of them had been discriminatory by way of ethnicity. “The cold hard truth of the matter is that this issue is as much about ethnicity as it is about class,” he wrote. Ghias expanded on the stereotypes, saying Pashtuns are thought-about unlawful and unwelcome in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Sindhis and Saraikis are seen as others and are unwelcome in Karachi as properly.

The nation has been struck with one of many worst calamities in its historical past, a few of our personal have been hit arduous by it. Empathy needs to be the go-to response — individuals have misplaced all the things. It’s higher to be quiet than to be unkind.
Should you want to assist and are on the lookout for someplace to donate, we have now compiled a listing of organisations you’ll be able to contribute to.

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