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Cornea made out of pig collagen can provide 20/20 imaginative and prescient

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Scientists have found that corneas made out of pig collagen are in a position to restore imaginative and prescient for individuals legally blind or visually impaired, after surgical procedure.

Corneal transplants require a human donor and just one in 70 persons are lucky to obtain one. Nonetheless, Mehrdad Rafat at Linköping College in Sweden solved the near-impossible dilemma by inventing a versatile and resilient contact lens from extracted and purified pig collagen.
After profitable trials, the contact lens was examined in human volunteers, detailed Nature Biotechnology journal.
The 20 individuals a part of the examine had corneal blindness attributable to a situation known as, keratoconus, the place the cornea thins and bulges outward from the centre of the attention.
Fourteen contributors had been legally blind earlier than the surgical procedure and 6 had severely impaired imaginative and prescient. The profitable examine restored sight to all contributors and improved their imaginative and prescient, whereas three of them reported having 20/20 imaginative and prescient after their process.
Recipients a part of the experimental examine did not report any critical negative effects or problems, two years after the process.
Collagen is not typically rejected by an immune system as a result of it lacks particular person cells. In consequence, the recipients solely used immunosuppressive eye drops for eight weeks, post-surgery, as a substitute of a lifetime treatment to keep away from physique rejection.
Esen Akpek at Johns Hopkins College in Maryland, nevertheless, would not consider the invention is groundbreaking since earlier alternate options to donor corneas had emerged prior to now however by no means took off.
Nonetheless, Rafat is extra optimistic about his discovery and says the process could value lesser than a human donor transplant surgical procedure.

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