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‘Dream to signify Pakistan by no means got here true’: Imran Tahir

by Pakistan Latest News Update

 Sharing difficulties confronted throughout his cricketing profession with younger gamers of the Pakistan Junior League, South African cricketer Imran Tahir Tuesday stated that he has labored arduous to achieve the place he’s proper now.

“I’ve never lost courage in my life. I have done packing jobs at shops. No one would call me to bowl. At trials, I was asked who had sent me. I have successfully played at every level in Pakistan, but the dream to represent the country didn’t come true,” Tahir stated.
Tahir spoke about his struggles throughout a sequence of mentor lectures within the Pakistan Junior League’s grasp class, the place he gave a lecture because the Bahawalpur Royals’ mentor.
The spin bowler’s lecture was attended by cricketers of Gwadar Sharks, Mardan Warriors, and Bahawalpur Royals.
Tahir, addressing the younger cricketers, shared ideas and his experiences as a cricketer with the gamers collaborating in PJL.
“I am thankful to South Africa for giving me the opportunity. I was finding a chance and benefitted from it when it was given to me,” Tahir shared.
Commenting on PJL, the bowler stated that [back in the day] he couldn’t even take into consideration a platform like PJL.
“I would advise cricketers to never lose courage and look for opportunities. I am an example for the world and have been playing cricket for the last 22 years,” the spinner stated, advising PJL gamers.

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