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Feroze Khan sends Shaniera Akram a ‘cryptic’ message, says she ‘wouldn’t get it’ — however frankly, neither will we

by Pakistan Latest News Update

If there was a listing for the strangest encounters on the web, we vote for this one to be on it — Feroze Khan responded to Shaniera Akram’s criticism of his lack of regard for his youngster’s security whereas driving and his reply is one thing neither Akram nor we perceive.
On Saturday, Khan shared a video of Khabib Nurmagomedov — whom he dubbed the very best fighter on this planet — wrestling a bear after which the video switches to a toddler combating bears. The narrator says Nurmagomedov grew up combating bears. “World’s number one fighter, Shaniera Akram. He didn’t hear you or his father while being trained or he would’ve wasted major [talent],” he wrote. “I’m part of Pakistan’s professional racing fraternity for the past two years. I understand the sensitivity a lot more than you can. Let me do me, you do you. You’re heard and ignored. I’m back to business.”

Okay, let’s unpack this. Initially, Khan deems it okay to throw his youngster into the face of hazard to allow them to doubtlessly be taught to beat it. Lack of seatbelts = combating bears?
The Habs actor appears to suppose having his youngster sit in his lap whereas he’s driving sans seatbelt is akin to throwing our offspring out of the nest to allow them to be taught to fly.
To the second half, we now have nothing to say — only a entire lot of query marks. What does being a part of the skilled racing fraternity must do together with his youngster being in a compromised place? Does being in a fraternity invoke some sort of divine safety that retains one from being affected the identical method any regular particular person can be in a visitors accident? What???
Akram was in the identical state we had been after our first learn of Khan’s reply — full and utter puzzlement. “Have no idea what this means, Feroze Khan. Please refrain from sending me sick, cryptic animal cruelty videos,” she wrote.

Responding to essentially the most coherent a part of his complicated message, she stated, “A professional racer would know that putting your child in the front seat of a car is the most unprofessional thing you could ever do!”

We don’t know what Khan was making an attempt to say however we hope he is aware of English is Akram’s first language so translation is actually not the issue right here. Nonetheless, he stated, “I already requested to have Wasim bhai translate. You wouldn’t get it. Requires power of understanding.”

We don’t know what power of understanding he’s speaking about however apparently we don’t possess it as nicely. We’re undecided we’d prefer to both. This unusual trade has come a day after the activist informed off Khan for driving together with his daughter in his lap, violating primary street security guidelines. She stated she felt “sick to her stomach on the stupidity of some people” — learn: Khan. Apparently being informed he’s endangering his youngster’s life didn’t sit nicely with him.

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