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France is there for Italy, Europe should not be ‘egocentric’: French President Macron

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Macron additionally referred to as for stronger price range solidarity in Europe.
“France is alongside Italy,” Macron mentioned in a interview to Italian newspapers La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, and La Stampa.
“There is a lot of talk about Chinese or Russian aid, but why don’t we say that France and Germany have delivered 2 million masks and tens of thousands gowns to Italy?” Macron mentioned.
“It is not sufficient, but this is just a start and we must not let ourselves be intoxicated with what our international partners and competitors say”.
Italy, one of many international locations worst-hit by the virus worldwide, was sharply crucial of France and Germany after they initially declined to supply face masks and different gear to assist deal with the outbreak.
Rome turned as a substitute for assist to China, which despatched an airplane filled with masks and ventilators bearing “Forza Italia” stickers with small Chinese language and Italian flags – and leaving a strong impression on Italians.
“Europe must feel proud and strong, because it is. But it must indeed go much further. This is why I defend budget solidarity in the management of this crisis and of its consequences,” Macron added.
“What worries me is the illness of every man for himself: if we do not show solidarity, Italy, Spain or others would be able to say to their European partners: where have you been when we were at the front? I do not want this selfish and divided Europe”.

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