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In a primary, NASA returns asteroid samples to Earth

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A seven-year area voyage got here to its climactic finish on Sunday when a Nasa capsule landed within the desert within the US state of Utah, carrying to Earth the biggest asteroid samples ever collected.

Based on worldwide media experiences, scientists have excessive hopes for the pattern, saying it would present a greater understanding of the formation of our photo voltaic system and the way Earth grew to become liveable.
“Touchdown of the Osiris-Rex sample return capsule!” a commentator mentioned on Nasa’s reside video webcast of the touchdown, as engineers and workforce members applauded at a close-by mission management centre.
Finishing a 3.86-billion-mile journey, it marked the USA´ first pattern return mission of its type, the US area company mentioned in a submit on X, the previous Twitter.
Nasa chief Invoice Nelson hailed the mission and mentioned the asteroid mud “will give scientists an extraordinary glimpse into the beginnings of our solar system.”
The Osiris-Rex probe’s remaining, fiery descent by way of Earth’s environment was perilous, however Nasa managed to engineer a mushy touchdown at 8:52 am native time (1452 GMT), within the navy’s Utah Take a look at and Coaching Vary.
4 years after its 2016 launch, the probe had landed on the asteroid Bennu and picked up what Nasa estimated is roughly 9 ounces of mud from its rocky floor.
Even that small quantity, Nasa says, ought to “help us better understand the types of asteroids that could threaten Earth.”
The pattern return “is really historic,” Nasa scientist Amy Simon advised reporters. “This is going to be the biggest sample we´ve brought back since the Apollo moon rocks” have been returned to Earth.
Osiris-Rex launched its capsule early on Sunday from an altitude of greater than 67,000 miles.
The fiery passage by way of the environment got here solely within the final 13 minutes, because the capsule hurtled downward at a velocity of greater than 27,000 miles per hour, with temperatures of as much as 5,000 Fahrenheit.
Its speedy descent was imagined to be slowed by two successive parachutes because it made its solution to the 37-mile by nine-mile touchdown zone.
The principle chute, nevertheless, deployed “much higher than was originally anticipated,” at about 20,000 toes (6,100 meters) somewhat than 5,000 toes, Nasa mentioned.
Nasa photos confirmed the tire-sized capsule on the bottom in a desert wash, with scientists approaching the machine and taking readings.

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