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Within the strangest transfer ever, Indian actor Poonam Pandey fakes her personal demise

by Pakistan Latest News Update

In a stunning twist of occasions, Indian actor Poonam Pandey — whose demise was extensively reported by Indian publications — posted a video on her Instagram saying that she didn’t in reality die of cervical most cancers and a previous publish about her demise was to deliver “awareness” to the illness.
The actor’s official deal with had acknowledged that she handed away after a battle with cervical most cancers, nevertheless, a day later Pandey posted a video stating she “was alive” and didn’t die of the most cancers.

“Unfortunately I cannot say that about those hundreds and thousands of women who have lost their lives because of cervical cancer. It is not because they could not do anything about it, because they had no idea what to do about it,” she stated within the video.
“I’m here to tell you that unlike other cancers, cervical cancer is preventable. All you have to do is get your tests done and you have to get your HPV vaccine. We can do this and more to make sure there is no more life lost to this disease,” she continued.
The actor urged individuals to go online to www.poonampandeyisalive.com.
In her caption, she wrote, “Let’s empower one another with critical awareness and ensure every woman is informed about the steps to take. Visit the link in the bio to delve deeper into what can be done. Together, let’s strive to put an end to the devastating impact of the disease and bring”.
Netizens had been stunned at her “cheap publicity stunt”, with many condemning her transfer.

Others identified that there have been “better ways” to unfold consciousness.

We couldn’t agree extra — there are positively higher methods to lift consciousness than faking your personal demise, particularly when you have got over one million followers on social media.
Pandey, nevertheless, maintains that her actions had been for a great trigger. In a collection of images she acknowledged, “appreciated the warmth and concern” however the “unexpected turn of events, albeit startling, serves a greater purpose”.
She implored her followers to “consider the greater cause”, including that the “sheer lack of understanding surrounding this issue was the mere reason that compelled” her to take the “unconventional step.

“Just the day before the Union Budget highlighted the cause as well but I can say with certainty that only a small fraction would’ve registered it. It’s intriguing how such vital information was at the forefront yet failed to capture the press’ attention until the narrative took a dramatic turn with the news of my death to cervical cancer,” she wrote.

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