ISLAMABAD – The Indus River Sys­tem Authority (IRSA) on Wednesday re­leased 69,300 cusecs water from varied rim stations with influx of 99,300 cusecs. Accord­ing to the information launched by IRSA, water stage within the Indus River at Tar­bela Dam was 1456.38 toes, which was 70.38 toes larger than its lifeless stage 1386 toes. Water influx within the dam was recorded as 26,000 cusecs and outflow as 5,000 cu­secs. The water stage within the Jhelum River at Mangla Dam was 1175.20 toes, which was 135.20 toes larger than its lifeless stage of 1040 toes whereas the influx and outflow of water was recorded as 34,000 cusecs and 25,000 cusecs respec­tively. The discharge of water at Kalabagh, Ta­unsa and Sukkur was recorded as 30,700, 27,000 and 43,400 cu­secs respectively.