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Deceptive report claims UV gentle, chlorine and excessive temperatures can kill COVID-19

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health experts say such practices are only effective when applied properly and can even be harmful if used incorrectly. PHOTO: AFP

well being specialists say such practices are solely efficient when utilized correctly and might even be dangerous if used incorrectly. PHOTO: AFP

A report which features a listing of “seven evil things” that the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is “afraid of’ has been shared repeatedly on Fb and Twitter. The listing consists of UV gentle, chlorine and excessive temperatures. The declare is deceptive; well being specialists say such practices are solely efficient when utilized correctly and might even be dangerous if used incorrectly.

The report was revealed here on March 2, 2020 by Komchadluek, a Thai newspaper. The report, titled “7 evil things that virus COVID-19 is afraid of”, has been shared greater than 12,000 occasions and skim greater than 34,000 occasions, in response to the web site’s information tracker.

Components of the report translate to English as: “When realised, you shouldn’t be alarmed however you need to be conscious of the evil ‘COVID-19’ as a result of there are nonetheless some ‘weaknesses’ that this evil virus cannot overcome.

Komchadluek has compiled 7 issues that COVID-19 fears:

  1. UV
  2. Temperatures greater than 56 levels celsius
  3. Ventilated air
  4. Chlorine disinfectants
  5. Alcohol 75%
  6. Steadily washed palms
  7. Sturdy human’s immunity system

UV gentle

Whereas ultraviolet (UV) gentle can be utilized at extraordinarily high intensities as a disinfectant, on a regular basis UV emitters, such because the solar, solely launch low ranges of UV gentle.

“Ultraviolet is able to kill COVID-19 if it is exposed to the concentrated UV ray in a certain amount of time and distance,” Dr Pokrath Hansasuta, an assistant professor of virology in Chulalongkorn College’s Division of Microbiology, defined to AFP by telephone on March 18, 2020. “However, that level of UV exposure is harmful to human’s skin. Most likely, it will be in the light bulb or lamp as the natural UV from the sun is not strong enough to kill it.”

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The World Well being Organisation (WHO) additionally acknowledged here that UV shouldn’t be used as a disinfectant for the coronavirus. “UV lamps should not be used to sterilize hands or other areas of skin as UV radiation can cause skin irritation,” the company mentioned.

Chlorine disinfectants 

Chlorine disinfectants may also be efficient repellents in opposition to the coronavirus, however provided that used correctly.

The WHO states here that chlorine shouldn’t be utilized on to your physique as it may be damaging to garments and delicate areas, reminiscent of your eyes and mouth.

However the Australian Division of Well being notes here that chlorine ought to be used as a disinfectant in clear provides and the US Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention (CDC) notes here that it may be used to disinfect sure water sources, like swimming pools.

Excessive temperatures

It stays unclear whether or not or not temperatures of 56 levels celsius would successfully kill the novel coronavirus, in response to specialists.

“Since it is a new virus, there is no research that proves that,” Dr Hansasuta mentioned.

It’s true, nevertheless, that the SARS coronavirus, which prompted a worldwide epidemic in 2002-2003, was killed in temperatures above 56 levels Celsius, in response to the WHO.

Different claims

The opposite practices talked about within the deceptive put up could be efficient precautions when utilized correctly.

Alcohol based mostly merchandise, reminiscent of hand sanitizer, do require a excessive proportion of alcohol to kill the virus. “Only alcohol 70-75% can kill the novel coronavirus,” Dr Hansasuta mentioned.

The CDC famous here that hand sanitizers ought to be a minimum of 60% alcohol and cleansing options a minimum of 70%. Such merchandise, nevertheless, are usually not for consumption.

Maintaining air-ventilated can also be a beneficial follow, however doesn’t present foolproof safety in opposition to the virus.

“Although there is no evidence of the effectiveness of mechanical or natural air ventilation to reduce COVID-19 transmission, there is mechanistic plausibility, and it should be applied, and enhanced especially in settings where people gather regularly,” the European Centre for Illness Prevention and Management states in a report here.

Steadily washing one’s palms and taking steps to take care of a robust immune system are additionally extensively accepted as worthwhile preventive measures.

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