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Nepra hikes energy tariff for Ok-Electrical customers

by Pakistan Latest News Update

The Nationwide Electrical Energy Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Thursday notified of a rise of Rs. 11.10 per unit within the energy tariff for Ok-Electrical customers on account of the Gasoline Fees Adjustment (FCA) for June.

The adjustment can be charged within the payments for August and September 2022, which can be relevant to all KE client classes besides lifeline customers.
In its temporary, the ability regulator mentioned: “As per the mechanism provided in the determination, impact of change in KE’s own generation fuel cost component due to variation in fuel prices, generation mix and volume shall be passed on to the consumers directly in their monthly bills in the form of Fuel Charges Adjustment (FCA).”
Equally, it went on, the impression of change within the gas element of Energy Buy Worth (PPP) because of variation in gas costs and power combine would even be handed on to customers via month-to-month FCA.
Nepra additional instructed the authority to indicate individually within the payments on the idea of models charged to the customers within the respective month to which the adjustment pertained.

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