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No justification for Minar-e-Pakistan assault, says Ali Gul Pir as he calls for males name out harassers

by Pakistan Latest News Update

Days after information broke of a girl’s assault on the Larger Iqbal Park in Lahore on Independence Day, many individuals have begun sufferer blaming and questioning why the lady was at a public park on Independence Day. Ali Gul Pir is perhaps a comic, however had a really critical response to those sufferer blamers.

“If we accept [your theory] that she went for a TikTok meeting, if we accept [your theory] that the guy with her was her boyfriend, and we accept that the next day she posted a picture in which she looked happy, even if we accept all that, all your theories, what those 400 men did was wrong, was a crime and was horrible,” he stated in a sequence of movies posted on his Instagram Story.

“That doesn’t change. Whatever justifications you give, that she was dancing or whatever she was doing, what those people did was a crime, only a morally corrupt person could do this. Those people should be punished, there should be no ifs and buts.”

He advised folks to cease justifying the lady’s assault.

“‘Why did she go there, Minar-e-Pakistan, a girl, shouldn’t have gone there’. Is Minar-e-Pakistan your drawing room? It’s a public place. For citizens. For Pakistanis. It’s not just for criminals and boys. Minar-e-Pakistan isn’t a den of prostitution right?” Gul Pir stated. “‘Don’t go there’. Then where should they go? Don’t go in public, don’t go there, don’t go here. Then where?” he requested, rightfully questioning the shrinking variety of protected public areas for ladies.

The comic then narrated his personal experiences at concert events in Pakistan within the 90s. Once I was 13 or 14 years previous I went to lots of concert events, like these by Noori and Junoon, he stated. “And I witnessed this myself. Fifty to 200 men used to attack couples. They would beat up the guy, tear off the girl’s clothes, molest her and harass her. Then the police would come, beat them up and they ran,” he stated, including that he had seen this 4 to 5 occasions at concert events.

“It was happening then. It’s part of our society, this ting has been happening in our society for a long time. You’ve seen a video of it [the Minar-e-Pakistan assault] and now you’re aware but this was happening even back then,” he reminded his followers. “Let’s correct it, no more justifications. If someone justifies this in front me, I don’t want to talk to that guy. Ignorant people,” he stated.

“They take it as a hit to their ego. ‘This talk that’s going on, it’s hit my ego, they’re talking about men, so I should justify it’. Just shut up! Just stop! Let’s kill the ego and rectify it.”

He referred to as on males to cease harassment wherever they see it. “When you hear jokes or comments being made about it, stop them. Tell them it’s wrong,” Gul Pir implored.

“Condemn those people, isolate those people, educate those people! Let’s make it into a solution rather than an ego thing. ‘I didn’t do it bro, not all men’, f*** that shit. Let’s just fix it, let’s make this society better. Simple.”

1000’s of individuals have taken to social media to sentence the assault and several other celebrities have additionally condemned it, calling it sexual terrorism. That there are people who find themselves nonetheless blaming the sufferer is horrifying and we’re glad public figures are talking up about it. Like Ali Gul Pir stated, there are not any justifications for what occurred.

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