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Pakistani Twitter criticises PTA’s determination to ‘degrade’ Wikipedia

by Pakistan Latest News Update

Wikipedia not working? That’s as a result of it has been degraded by the Pakistani authorities for 48 hours. On Wednesday, the PTA tweeted that it had issued a discover to Wikipedia asking it to dam/take away “sacrilegious content”. “An opportunity of hearing was also provided. However, the platform neither complied with by removing the blasphemous content nor appeared before the Authority,” it mentioned. The authority has threatened a everlasting block in case of non-compliance, which has netizens very annoyed.

“After successfully resolving issues like terrorism, corruption, unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, rupee devaluation, child labour, over population, and inflation the PDM government has finally decided to go after the real issue in the country – Wikipedia!,” wrote one person.

“Terrorists bomb a mosque killing 100 innocent people and the government of Pakistan threatens to…block access to Wikipedia,” wrote one other.

They reminded everybody of the bans of yesterday .

Wikipedia is a serious platform that many depend on for sourcing info due to its ease of use and format.

And there could also be easier options than an outright block.

What do you assume?

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