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Sang-e-Mah’s first episode might have received hearts however some Pashtuns aren’t pleased with their illustration

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Atif Aslam’s debut drama Sang-e-Mah has his followers excited and everybody else curious to see how the singer will fare as a TV actor and whereas most viewers are singing praises for the singer’s debut and the drama’s cinematography and course, many Pashtuns on Twitter will not be pleased with the way in which they’ve been represented.

The sequel to Sang-e-Mar Mar premiered in cinemas on Jan eight and on Hum TV on Jan 9. The present attracted loads of viewers who then posted their reactions on social media.

Aslam’s character Hilmand had viewers “charmed” and the “enchanting world of Sang-e-Mah” reeled them in.

Folks cherished each facet of it.

Some even in contrast it to theatre.

Most, although, have been Aslam stans.

Some have been fast to note Sania Saeed carrying a conventional scarf from Swabi and educate us on its historic significance.

In fact, ships have been fashioned for leads Aslam, Kubra Khan, Hania Aamir and Zaviyar Noman Ijaz.

The drama additionally has a Turkish fanbase it appears.

Nevertheless, there have been additionally some critics who did not assume a lot of the present. This consumer stated the drama is “cashing in on Aslam’s success.”

This Twitter consumer stated it was too just like its predecessor.

Netizens have been fairly happy to see the drama begin off with a scene at a gurdwara and see Sikh illustration.

However there have been additionally many netizens who weren’t pleased with the Pashtun illustration within the drama and claimed it was profiling Pashtuns. “Pashtun profiling. Cannabis smoker reciting third grade poetry… looks quite obscene. Cheap actors speaking broken and twisted Urdu. Swear words. Filthy countenance. What a useless plot the drama has. Is this really a family drama or a stage show worthy of being shown at a Punjabi theatre?”

A consumer stated that “Pashtuns are always shown paranormally that leaves an impression of terror on the viewer” and that such misrepresentative dramas ought to be banned.

There have additionally been objections to the accents being placed on by the actors. One consumer stated they need to “either talk in proper Urdu or cast real Pashtun actors.”

One other consumer wished to know the place the concept of ghag got here from. “The ghag customized proven in Sang-e-Mah, what space of Pakhtunkhwa is it talking for? We now have no such traditions.”

Some even reminded “those who speak and understand Urdu” that the identical “prejudiced and hateful treatment that Bengalis were subjected to is now being enforced on Baloch and Pashtun people and will have terrible repercussions. This behaviour is based on hatred.”

There have been additionally requires protest.

Whereas illustration is vital, it must be handled fastidiously in an effort to do justice to the fact of the folks being proven as it might rightfully damage sentiments. Keep in mind — we want illustration, not caricatures and one of the best ways to make sure illustration is to inform correct tales of individuals and ensure these folks have a seat on the desk.

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