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‘She is my daughter, even now’: Behroze Sabzwari says he stands behind former daughter-in-law Syra Yousuf

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It’s not fairly often you see households sustaining a respectful and loving bond after divorces and separations however Behroze Sabzwari would beg to vary. The Ankahi actor opened up about his relationship together with his former daughter-in-law Syra Yousuf and mentioned she’ll at all times be household.
In an interview with FUCHSIA Journal launched on Tuesday, he mentioned, “Syra is my daughter, even now. If their chemistry wasn’t compatible, we can’t do anything about it — this is up to God. All the people who trolled us, that was a difficult time for us to go through, it was harsh for Shahroz, for Syra and for the families. It was a very personal matter but people think they have a right over us — it’s not like that, we all have a personal life and social media has destroyed lives.”

The Tanhaiyaan actor is even supportive of the Sinf-e-Aahan actor transferring on and beginning one other household. “We’ve never seen Syra as separate from us and we never will. I’ve said to her many a time, ‘Beta, get settled down. Why not? I’m standing behind you.’ Why not? She’s our daughter and Nooreh is our life.”
Behroze opened up in regards to the start of the latest addition to the household, his second granddaughter and revealed her identify. “She was born on 10th of Muharram, seven to eight minutes before 12. I think that 10th of Muharram is a big day for any Muslim. It is very important to me, Shahroz and the entire family. One of our elders, in connection to that, suggested Syeda Zahra Sabzwari. This is a really big present to us from Allah.”
Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal tied the knot in Could 2020 and their union attracted lots of buzz because the timing overlapped with the announcement of Shahroz’s divorce together with his ex-wife Yousuf. The couple welcomed their daughter earlier this month. It was Behroze who had introduced that Kanwal was anticipating in April.
Speaking in regards to the bond between the 2 half-sisters he mentioned, “You cannot even imagine how excited Nooreh is — you can’t believe it, even we can’t believe it! Yesterday she was with Zahra all day and she kept her in her own room. She said to Sadaf, ‘If you want to feed her, come here and feed her’. I swear, she said to me and Safina, ‘Out, papa out.’ She calls me papa, she calls Shahroz baba, Safina mumma, Syra mimi and Sadaf Sadaf as she’s good friends with her.”

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