ISLAMABAD     –     The US Power Division says it plans to construct a quantum web that makes use of entangled particle to virtually immediately and securely transmit information throughout a fiber optic community. In a press convention just lately, the company described its imaginative and prescient of a prototype quantum community that it says might be accomplished inside 10 years. The proposed community would make the most of entangled particles to transmit information virtually immediately and has already been prototyped by a group at Argonne Nationwide Laboratory close to Chicago. In February scientists from the Division of Power (DOE) in Lemont, Illinois, and the College of Chicago entangled photons throughout a 52-mile ‘quantum loop.’ They have been efficiently in a position to set up one of many longest land-based quantum networks within the nation.

 That community will quickly be linked to its Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois, to make a three-node, 80-mile testbed.